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Rank Name Raised
7876th Jim McMichael Jim McMichael 4years $502
7877th Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor 2years $502
7878th Karen Riesett Karen Riesett $502
7879th Sheli Cantore Sheli Cantore 2years $502
7880th Mike Walker Mike Walker 2years $502
7881st Felix Tran Felix Tran $502
7882nd Karmjit Babrah Karmjit Babrah $502
7883rd Dalton Clark Dalton Clark $502
7883rd Richard Webb Richard Webb 3years $502
7885th Matthew Byrd Matthew Byrd $502
7885th Ronald Plaza Ronald Plaza $502
7887th Colleen Hoffman Colleen Hoffman $502
7888th Matthew Arlich Matthew Arlich 2years $502
7888th Ricardo Reveles Ricardo Reveles 4years $502
7890th Amy Guldi Roper Amy Guldi Roper $502
7890th Jason McCartney Jason McCartney $502
7890th John Chapman John Chapman 4years $502
7893rd Anne Bondad Anne Bondad $502
7893rd Barry Johnson Barry Johnson 2years $502
7893rd Chris Barlow Chris Barlow $502