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Rank Name Raised
6725th Jackie Bouwman Jackie Bouwman $597
6726th Kimberly Souther Kimberly Souther $597
6727th Brendon Hamner Brendon Hamner 3years $597
N/A Kimberly Somerfield Kimberly Somerfield $0
6728th Victoria Darris Victoria Darris 2years $597
6729th Richard Allen Richard Allen $597
6730th Christine Sullivan Christine Sullivan 6years $597
6731st Tom Raley Tom Raley 2years $596
6732nd Isabel Porto Isabel Porto 3years $596
6733rd Robert McKell Robert McKell 5years $596
6734th Ron Patch Ron Patch $596
6735th Scott Chan Scott Chan 2years $596
6736th Patty Skoch Armstrong Patty Skoch Armstrong 3years $596
6737th John Israel John Israel $596
6738th Terese Blanchard Terese Blanchard $596
6739th Luis Cantu Luis Cantu 2years $596
6740th Linda Miller Linda Miller $596
6741st Lonnie Mullins Lonnie Mullins $596
6742nd Joy Stickley Joy Stickley $595
6743rd Debra Moore Debra Moore $595