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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ben Wierwill Ben Wierwill $0
478th Benjamin Elliott Benjamin Elliott 5years $26
N/A Benjamin Garrison Benjamin Garrison 3years $0
N/A Benjamin Sensinger Benjamin Sensinger $0
N/A Benjamin Valdez Benjamin Valdez 3years $0
N/A Benjamin Zapata Benjamin Zapata 3years $0
428th Bennett Sheahan Bennett Sheahan 3years $36
N/A Berenice Arteta Rodriguez Berenice Arteta Rodriguez $0
N/A Bernadette Collins Bernadette Collins $0
N/A Bernadette Miller Bernadette Miller 3years $0
N/A Bernie Gessner Bernie Gessner 7years $0
N/A Beth Blackman Beth Blackman 5years $0
N/A Beth Broxterman Beth Broxterman 3years $0
236th Beth Moses Beth Moses 3years $124
N/A BETH Paul BETH Paul $0
N/A Bethany Zakrzewski Bethany Zakrzewski 4years $0
N/A Bethyl Schussler Bethyl Schussler $0
N/A Betty Wright Betty Wright $0
N/A Beverly Bourassa Beverly Bourassa $0
428th Bianca Plunkett Bianca Plunkett 3years $36