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Rank Name Raised
3236th Zachary Coleman Zachary Coleman $1,057
3237th Kellie Goss Kellie Goss $1,057
3238th Jason Hanks Jason Hanks 5years $1,057
3238th Rashanna Prescott Rashanna Prescott 3years $1,057
3240th Brenda Cochran Brenda Cochran 2years $1,057
3241st Janet Wise Janet Wise 2years $1,057
3241st Ron Smith Ron Smith 4years $1,057
3243rd Michael Tribble Michael Tribble 3years $1,057
3244th Kimberly Reed Kimberly Reed 2years $1,057
3245th David Dobbs David Dobbs 6years $1,056
3246th Larry Bragg Larry Bragg $1,056
3247th Phillip Young Phillip Young $1,055
3248th Stephanie Bock Stephanie Bock $1,055
3249th Jerry Snyder Jerry Snyder 4years $1,055
3250th Sheila Roos Sheila Roos 4years $1,055
3251st Joey Frey Joey Frey 5years $1,055
1779th Kevin Steward Kevin Steward 2years $1,055
3252nd Barbara Rinehart Barbara Rinehart 2years $1,055
3253rd Robert Boody Robert Boody $1,054
3254th Lisa Timm Lisa Timm 2years $1,054