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Rank Name Raised
1424th Sonny Smith Sonny Smith $1,701
N/A Joe Valdez Joe Valdez $0
2614th Danny Hamilton Danny Hamilton $1,195
96th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $5,341
3875th John Ulibarri John Ulibarri $1,000
4788th Moshe Bar-Gil Moshe Bar-Gil $821
6477th Eva Elizabeth Jakabfi Eva Elizabeth Jakabfi $665
N/A Lauren Diaz Lauren Diaz $0
10253rd Ken Probst Ken Probst $505
14494th Wendy Mader Wendy Mader $217
9075th Allen Kilpatrick Allen Kilpatrick $536
N/A Rich Beeler Rich Beeler $0
10661st Nayana Rajapakse Nayana Rajapakse $502
3293rd Annabell Roach Annabell Roach $1,056
7662nd Johnny Thunder Johnny Thunder $600
8334th Lucia Morales Lucia Morales $564
5452nd Israel Cabreros Israel Cabreros $752
16894th Shon Hargis Shon Hargis $125
N/A Jamie Fleming Jamie Fleming $0
14058th Mike Romanowski Mike Romanowski $241