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Rank Name Raised
14108th Janet Armes Janet Armes $98
10145th Janet Browning Janet Browning 2years $294
N/A Janet Foulk Janet Foulk $0
3392nd Janet Gordon Janet Gordon $902
N/A Janet Jones Janet Jones $0
N/A Janet Lease Janet Lease 2years $0
N/A Janet Lopez Janet Lopez 2years $0
N/A Janet Moore Janet Moore $0
N/A Janet Treftz-allen Janet Treftz-allen 3years $0
N/A Janice Smith Janice Smith $0
2628th Janie McNutt Janie McNutt 5years $1,073
15403rd Janine Turcio Janine Turcio $52
N/A Jaocb Baribeau Jaocb Baribeau $0
14295th Jared Atkins Jared Atkins $88
10366th Jared Coons Jared Coons $279
10457th Jared Fuchs Jared Fuchs 4years $272
15275th JARED HULL JARED HULL 2years $57
7114th Jared Meerzo Jared Meerzo 5years $518
N/A Jared Nix Jared Nix 2years $0
5745th Jared Wallace Jared Wallace 2years $608