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Rank Name Raised
9221st Paf Cio Paf Cio $524
N/A Terrence Hannigan Terrence Hannigan $0
N/A Francis Condell Francis Condell $0
6119th David Greenberg David Greenberg $683
7997th Hugh Whittington Hugh Whittington $573
442nd Jonathan Lee Jonathan Lee $2,988
N/A Tom Buckley Tom Buckley $0
1959th Joe Cox Joe Cox $1,375
13994th Daniel Fawcett Daniel Fawcett $238
N/A Peter Brooks Peter Brooks $0
1544th Kevin O'bryan Kevin O'bryan $1,589
18541st Daniel Iroh Daniel Iroh $87
2044th BJ Larson BJ Larson $1,342
2507th Richard Elliott Richard Elliott $1,204
10771st Kelly Leavitt Kelly Leavitt $500
N/A Carolyn Beck Carolyn Beck $0
N/A John Hartsfield John Hartsfield $0
135th James Simmons James Simmons $4,579
5862nd Homer Thompson Homer Thompson $704
2239th Ronald Begnoche Ronald Begnoche $1,273