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Rank Name Raised
3228th Adam Cheney Adam Cheney 3years $2,250
3228th Ellie Brenner Ellie Brenner $1,003
3229th Sharon Vickrey Sharon Vickrey 2years $1,003
3230th Christine Butorac Christine Butorac 3years $1,003
3231st Bob Stilwell Bob Stilwell 2years $1,149
3231st Ray Gilbert Ray Gilbert $1,003
3232nd Palmer Ann Bliss Palmer Ann Bliss $1,003
3232nd Riley Veillon Riley Veillon $1,003
3234th Darek Zajac Darek Zajac 2years $1,003
3235th Laurel Walsh Laurel Walsh 4years $1,002
3236th John Fleckenstein John Fleckenstein $1,002
3237th Albert Grant Albert Grant $1,002
3237th Jeff Kihm Jeff Kihm 2years $1,002
3239th John Fixmer John Fixmer 3years $1,002
3239th Robert Bowser Robert Bowser 3years $1,002
3240th Marcelo Ortigao Marcelo Ortigao $1,002
3241st Beth Broxterman Beth Broxterman 2years $1,002
3242nd Erin Thompson Longley Heath Erin Thompson Longley Heath $1,002
3243rd Grace Moran Grace Moran 5years $1,002
3244th Bob Parsons Bob Parsons $1,002