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Rank Name Raised
3315th Patrick Dutkiewicz Patrick Dutkiewicz 2years $114
3315th Phillip Mimms Phillip Mimms 2years $114
3315th Susan Oneill Susan Oneill $114
3315th Tammy Lewis Deviney Tammy Lewis Deviney 5years $114
3315th Thomas Wharton Thomas Wharton $114
3315th Tony Blackwell Tony Blackwell 4years $114
3328th Justin Cobb Justin Cobb 2years $114
3329th Davian Sanchez Davian Sanchez $113
3330th Steve Nye Steve Nye $113
3331st Will Rothermel Will Rothermel 2years $112
3332nd Matt Sears Matt Sears $112
3333rd Paula Powell Paula Powell $112
3334th Justin Elbaz Justin Elbaz $112
3334th Ronald White Ronald White 2years $112
3336th Jay Weisberg Jay Weisberg $112
3337th Stephen Hill Stephen Hill $112
3338th Zachary Coleman Zachary Coleman $112
3339th Sandy Messerle Sandy Messerle 2years $111
3340th Ashley M Wells Ashley M Wells 2years $111
3340th Cameron Brown Cameron Brown $111