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Rank Name Raised
3336th Nate Brown Nate Brown 2years $978
3337th Patrick Suermann Patrick Suermann 2years $978
3338th Rachael Pluister Rachael Pluister $978
3339th Rachel Keyworth Rachel Keyworth $978
3340th Maureen Dooley Maureen Dooley 5years $977
3341st Barbara Rinehart Barbara Rinehart 2years $977
3342nd Andrea Serio Andrea Serio 2years $977
3343rd Teresa Blake Teresa Blake $976
3344th Michelle Murray Michelle Murray $975
3345th Robert Hernandez Robert Hernandez $975
3346th Maureen Barkley Maureen Barkley 6years $974
3347th Claudia Irrgang Claudia Irrgang 2years $974
3348th Joseph Boncser Joseph Boncser 2years $974
3349th Leonel Villarreal Leonel Villarreal 2years $974
3350th Noah Anastassatsos Noah Anastassatsos $973
3351st Gene Sanders Gene Sanders 2years $973
3352nd Sarah Pruitt Sarah Pruitt 2years $973
3353rd Teresa Hennebury Teresa Hennebury 2years $971
8761st Christopher Evers Christopher Evers $971
3354th Carl Ted Bright Carl Ted Bright $970