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Rank Name Raised
3346th Jeanette BEAN Jeanette BEAN $921
3347th Erik Silders Erik Silders $921
3348th Betty Carhart Betty Carhart $921
3349th Rudi Tanck Rudi Tanck 2years $921
3350th Lisa McCalister Lisa McCalister 5years $921
3351st Brian Landers Brian Landers $921
3352nd Kathleen A Burke Kathleen A Burke 2years $920
3353rd Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen 4years $920
3354th Chris Wingenroth Chris Wingenroth 2years $920
3355th Hanqi Huang Hanqi Huang 2years $919
3356th Jim Ackermann Jim Ackermann 2years $918
3357th Tony Sacco Tony Sacco 3years $918
3358th Julie Smiley Julie Smiley 4years $918
3359th Shelley Kisselback Shelley Kisselback 4years $917
3360th Deb Cetron Mackow Deb Cetron Mackow 2years $917
3361st Tina Sari Tina Sari 4years $917
3362nd Wayne Sumrall Wayne Sumrall 2years $917
3363rd Nicolas Poulain Nicolas Poulain 5years $917
3364th Landon Andrew Gavin Landon Andrew Gavin 4years $917
3365th Jeff Grover Jeff Grover 3years $916