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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jerry Snyder Jerry Snyder 5years $0
N/A Jesse Safran Jesse Safran 5years $0
N/A Jim Catteau Jim Catteau 4years $0
402nd Jim Simonsen Jim Simonsen 3years $36
N/A Jodi Spannbauer Jodi Spannbauer 5years $0
60th Joe Hamilton Joe Hamilton 4years $604
N/A John Jackson John Jackson 6years $0
402nd John Kreamer John Kreamer 7years $36
N/A john richard miller john richard miller 2years $0
N/A John Winterfeld John Winterfeld 3years $0
N/A Jose Dominguez Jr Jose Dominguez Jr 2years $0
N/A Joseph Griffin Joseph Griffin 2years $0
N/A Joshua Carter Joshua Carter 4years $0
382nd Joshua Geschwender Joshua Geschwender 3years $50
125th Joshua Mahoney Joshua Mahoney 2years $300
N/A Julio Marcial Julio Marcial $0
N/A Kayli Cantavero Kayli Cantavero 3years $0
308th Keith Kaplan Keith Kaplan 3years $72
N/A Kelly Esteban Kelly Esteban 6years $0
N/A Kenneth Peters Kenneth Peters 2years $0