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Rank Name Raised
3467th Peter LaFay Peter LaFay 4years $1,020
3469th Paul DeYoung Paul DeYoung 2years $1,020
3470th Craig Wilkinson Craig Wilkinson 3years $1,020
3471st Andrew Ains Madeloni Andrew Ains Madeloni 6years $1,020
3472nd Kristen Anderson Kristen Anderson $1,019
3473rd Shane Lavin Shane Lavin $1,019
3474th Charlie Parish Charlie Parish $1,019
3475th Michael Grider Michael Grider $1,019
3476th Ovadyah Freedberg Ovadyah Freedberg 3years $1,019
1771st April Silva April Silva $1,018
3477th Tara Askew Tara Askew $1,018
3478th Marty Johnson Marty Johnson 2years $1,018
3479th Suchit Thaduru Suchit Thaduru $1,018
3480th Erik Engebretson Erik Engebretson $1,018
1583rd Janette Diego Janette Diego 2years $1,017
3481st R M R M 2years $1,017
3482nd Seth Burkey Seth Burkey 6years $1,017
3483rd Jens-Peter Sonnthal Jens-Peter Sonnthal $1,017
3484th Edward Poveda Edward Poveda 3years $1,017
3485th Jason Horn Jason Horn 3years $1,017