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Rank Name Raised
7528th Mitch Zecca Mitch Zecca 5years $547
7529th James Scott James Scott 3years $547
7530th Shamel Williams Shamel Williams $547
7531st ERIC MAY ERIC MAY 5years $547
7532nd Chuck Hartman Chuck Hartman 4years $547
7533rd Madhav Pappu Madhav Pappu 4years $547
7534th L Scott L Scott 2years $547
7535th Dennis Klinedinst Dennis Klinedinst $547
7536th Scott Gardner Scott Gardner 2years $547
7536th Theresa Martin Theresa Martin 5years $547
7538th Anjo Neil D. Guillermo Anjo Neil D. Guillermo 2years $547
7539th Tammy Tolf Riippa Tammy Tolf Riippa 2years $546
7540th Keith Winterhalter Keith Winterhalter $546
7541st Hayley McCray Hayley McCray 3years $546
7542nd Matthew Trojanowski Matthew Trojanowski $546
7543rd Linda Haertter Linda Haertter 2years $546
7544th Desiree Fredeluces Desiree Fredeluces $546
7545th Andy Brough Andy Brough 3years $546
7546th Charles Roth Charles Roth 2years $546