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Rank Name Raised
7709th Drew Tucker Drew Tucker $504
7710th Blanca Torres Blanca Torres $504
7711th Kara Fasone Kara Fasone 2years $504
7711th Taylor Swarthout Taylor Swarthout 3years $124
7712th Oscar May Oscar May $504
7713th Joseph Griffin Joseph Griffin $504
7714th Christopher Jamieson Christopher Jamieson $503
7715th Moses Nervis Moses Nervis $503
7716th Janet Shy Janet Shy 3years $503
7717th Julio Cesar Bernuy Julio Cesar Bernuy 3years $503
7718th Jennifer Hill Jennifer Hill $503
7718th Scott Foster Scott Foster 4years $503
7720th Dana Keplar Dana Keplar $503
7721st Joey Agosto Joey Agosto $503
7722nd Troi Santos Troi Santos $503
7723rd Daniel Busillo Daniel Busillo 2years $503
7723rd Katrina Zimmerman Rende Katrina Zimmerman Rende $503
7725th Chuck Farney Chuck Farney $503
N/A Greg Mix Greg Mix 2years $0
7726th Sara Di Stefano Sara Di Stefano 2years $503