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Rank Name Raised
11352nd Chris Shafer Chris Shafer 5years $212
11352nd David Miller David Miller 2years $212
11352nd Erik Moody Erik Moody 2years $212
11352nd Greg Moye Greg Moye $212
11352nd Ike Creel Ike Creel $212
11352nd Jerome Pasaporte Jerome Pasaporte $212
11352nd Joan Reyes Joan Reyes $212
11352nd Jody Hatt Jody Hatt 2years $212
11352nd Kevin Horner Kevin Horner $212
11352nd Kristen Polack Kristen Polack 2years $212
N/A Shonte Carter Shonte Carter $0
11363rd Elizabeth Amanda Elizabeth Amanda 2years $212
N/A Zie Baron Zie Baron 2years $0
11364th Jen Schramm Jen Schramm 4years $212
11365th Rosanne Jacobs Rosanne Jacobs $212
11366th Robin Menefee Robin Menefee 6years $212
11367th Desheca Copeland Desheca Copeland 2years $211
11367th Lesa Fogarty Hieatzman Lesa Fogarty Hieatzman $211
11369th Brennan Coon Brennan Coon 3years $211
11369th Emma Beronio Emma Beronio 3years $211