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Rank Name Raised
N/A Angelica Gonzalez Angelica Gonzalez $0
N/A Angelica Grover Angelica Grover $0
N/A Angelica Guzm├ín Angelica Guzmán $0
N/A Angelica Makanzie Floyd Angelica Makanzie Floyd $0
N/A Angelica Puerta Bastidas Angelica Puerta Bastidas $0
N/A Angelica Romero Angelica Romero $0
N/A Angelica Salazar Angelica Salazar $0
N/A Angelica Simon Angelica Simon $0
N/A Angelica Soto Angelica Soto $0
N/A Angelice Venter Angelice Venter $0
N/A Angelie Villaver Angelie Villaver $0
N/A Angelina Berry Angelina Berry $0
N/A Angelina Bodina Angelina Bodina $0
N/A Angelina Bouros Angelina Bouros $0
N/A Angelina Chann Angelina Chann $0
N/A Angelina Cifelli Angelina Cifelli 2years $0
N/A Angelina Conti Angelina Conti $0
N/A Angelina Debirova Angelina Debirova 2years $0
N/A Angelina Fontan Angelina Fontan $0
N/A Angelina Lisa Munoz Angelina Lisa Munoz $0