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Rank Name Raised
N/A Melissa Greenstreet Melissa Greenstreet $0
N/A Michael Payne Michael Payne $0
74th Mike Howell Mike Howell $50
N/A Molly Rosen-Blumberg Molly Rosen-Blumberg $0
74th Raj Hora Raj Hora $50
N/A Richard Garza Richard Garza $0
N/A Richard Reese Richard Reese $0
N/A Robert Himmelright Robert Himmelright $0
N/A Ron Williams Ron Williams $0
N/A Sandy Goodman Sandy Goodman $0
N/A Scott dymock Scott dymock $0
41st Steve Miller Steve Miller $108.68
N/A Steven Bradley Steven Bradley $0
N/A Teigha Carl Teigha Carl $0
N/A Tom Bush Tom Bush $0
N/A Trevor Lawton Trevor Lawton $0
N/A Ashley Price Ashley Price $0
28th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $161
N/A Annie Bowers Annie Bowers $0
N/A Bill Anderson Bill Anderson $0