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Rank Name Raised
159th Ron Williams Ron Williams $272
160th Edward Diller Edward Diller $270
161st A.L. Collins A.L. Collins $265
162nd Elena Camargo Elena Camargo $264
163rd Stephanie LaDuke Stephanie LaDuke $261
164th Norman Kzaz Norman Kzaz $260
165th Howard FIderer Howard FIderer $259
165th Rick Pease Rick Pease $259
167th Jonquil Swann Jonquil Swann $254
167th Roberto Figueroa Roberto Figueroa $254
169th Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $254
170th Ric Guerrero Ric Guerrero $252
170th Shaun Zimmerman Shaun Zimmerman $252
172nd Stacy Morton Stacy Morton $250
173rd Danny Perez Danny Perez $250
173rd Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman $250
175th John Martin John Martin $249
176th Sarah Satterfield Sarah Satterfield $244
177th Aaron Hale Aaron Hale $244
178th Rebecca Anthony Rebecca Anthony $243