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Rank Name Raised
19th Timothy Prol Timothy Prol $619.47
20th Brendan Hunt Brendan Hunt $610.36
21st Kathy Engler Kathy Engler $601.86
22nd Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $600.25
23rd Chris Wirtz Chris Wirtz $561.20
24th Connie Fuelling Connie Fuelling $528.37
25th Amy Lankow Amy Lankow $520.93
26th Jolie Hoffmann Jolie Hoffmann $520
26th Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll $520
26th Susie Taylor Susie Taylor $520
29th Nicole Murray Nicole Murray $503.75
30th Bob Norrie Bob Norrie $500
30th Kristy Richards Kristy Richards $500
30th Ted Erlwein Ted Erlwein $500
33rd Jeff Mulder Jeff Mulder $486.45
34th Brittany Sigler Brittany Sigler $485.08
35th Duane Robertson Duane Robertson $470
36th Carol Roberts Carol Roberts $460
37th Patrick J McDonald Patrick J McDonald $451.75
38th Chris Bowler Chris Bowler $439.18