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Rank Name Raised
10952nd Francine Smith Francine Smith $293
5576th Francis Keefe Francis Keefe 2years $689
3031st Francis Lazaro Francis Lazaro $1,097
N/A Francis Policar Francis Policar $0
N/A Frank Beer Frank Beer $0
N/A Frank Carucci Frank Carucci $0
1076th Frank Cavallaro Frank Cavallaro 2years $2,254
N/A Frank Duran Frank Duran $0
8809th Frank Gadley Frank Gadley 2years $503
N/A Frank Hecht Frank Hecht $0
5315th Frank LaFountain Frank LaFountain 5years $712
16746th Frank Pepe Frank Pepe 4years $36
N/A Frank Rapier Frank Rapier 4years $0
2254th Frank Scalet Frank Scalet 3years $1,329
N/A Frank Schelkle Frank Schelkle $0
N/A Frank Viero Frank Viero $0
N/A Franklin Romero Franklin Romero $0
N/A Fred Ahtila Fred Ahtila 2years $0
N/A Fred Harbold Fred Harbold 2years $0
N/A Fred Lawley Fred Lawley 2years $0