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Rank Name Raised
7868th Ma COCH Ma COCH $530
7869th Mary Theresa Harris Mary Theresa Harris 2years $529
7870th Shawn Driscol Shawn Driscol $529
7871st Brady Reading Brady Reading $529
7872nd Jason Paeth Jason Paeth 2years $529
7873rd Christina Bertsche Christina Bertsche 5years $529
7873rd Doug Snyder Doug Snyder 2years $529
16135th Patty Dolezal Patty Dolezal $529
7875th Tom LeMaistre Tom LeMaistre 2years $529
7876th Marcia White Marcia White 2years $529
7877th Ben Garrett Ben Garrett $529
7878th Willie Brennan Willie Brennan $529
7879th Eva Storey Eva Storey 2years $529
7880th Yessica Chacon Yessica Chacon 2years $529
7881st Frederick Kellermann Frederick Kellermann 3years $529
7882nd Melody Williamson Melody Williamson 2years $529
7883rd Chris Burns Chris Burns $529
7884th bill fairweather bill fairweather $529
7885th Luz Ramos Luz Ramos 3years $529
7886th Raymond Ruiz Raymond Ruiz 3years $529