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Rank Name Raised
7747th Scott Ruck Scott Ruck $500
7748th Amber Gregory Amber Gregory 2years $500
7748th Brent Bradley Brent Bradley 2years $500
7748th Karina Cutler Karina Cutler $500
N/A Andrew Szoch Andrew Szoch 3years $0
7751st Barney Wood Barney Wood 6years $500
7751st Matt Worton Matt Worton $500
7753rd Andrea Wiggins Andrea Wiggins $500
7754th Angie Rebujio Angie Rebujio $500
7754th Quincy Coleman Quincy Coleman $500
7756th Jesse Thickman Jesse Thickman $500
7757th Steve Mathews Steve Mathews 6years $500
7758th Marcela Carrillo Marcela Carrillo 3years $500
7759th Robin Stark Robin Stark 2years $500
7760th Chelsea Fulkerson Chelsea Fulkerson 4years $500
7761st Kasia Wygocki Kasia Wygocki 2years $500
7762nd Annabelle Rehbein Annabelle Rehbein $500
7763rd Derek Powell Derek Powell $500
7764th Tanya LaVallee Tanya LaVallee 6years $500
7765th David Alan Montague David Alan Montague $500