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Rank Name Raised
7924th Sandra Fountain Sandra Fountain 2years $527
7925th David Michael David Michael 3years $527
13445th Kyle Magdales Kyle Magdales $527
7926th James Utley James Utley $527
5943rd Patricia Creviston Patricia Creviston 2years $527
7927th Justin Shoen Justin Shoen 2years $527
7928th David Durrell David Durrell $527
7928th Ryan Rodriguez Ryan Rodriguez 2years $527
7930th Andrea Hollier Andrea Hollier 4years $527
7931st Brandy Cantu Brandy Cantu $527
7932nd Jennifer Aalbu Jennifer Aalbu 2years $527
7932nd Yaima Barban Yaima Barban 2years $527
7934th Erin Berrier Erin Berrier 4years $526
7935th Darren Pedersen Darren Pedersen 2years $526
7936th Juan Santana Juan Santana 6years $526
7936th Suzi Rasher Suzi Rasher 3years $526
7938th Debbie Bradley Debbie Bradley $526
7939th Dave Butcher Dave Butcher $526
7939th Tony Esposito Tony Esposito $526
7941st Tracy Andermann Tracy Andermann 2years $526