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Rank Name Raised
7814th Chance Egan Chance Egan $534
7815th Dennis Klemmer Dennis Klemmer $534
7816th Paul VonRuden Paul VonRuden 3years $534
7817th Kim Van Vliet Kim Van Vliet 6years $534
7818th Michael Yukas Michael Yukas 7years $534
7819th Edsel Servita Edsel Servita 6years $534
7820th Lyric McKnight Lyric McKnight 5years $534
7820th Stephanie Figueroa Stephanie Figueroa $583
7821st Drew Munoz Drew Munoz $534
7821st melissa Rodriguez melissa Rodriguez 2years $534
7823rd Josh Tulloh Josh Tulloh 4years $534
7824th Jim Ludtke Jim Ludtke 2years $534
7825th Wayne Giese Wayne Giese 2years $534
7826th Rachel Sowieja Rachel Sowieja 4years $534
7826th Rodolfo Javier Alonso Rodolfo Javier Alonso 2years $534
7828th S E S E 3years $533
7829th James Rees James Rees 3years $533
N/A Lori Brannen Lori Brannen $0
7830th Richard Husar Richard Husar 3years $533
7831st jonathan depool jonathan depool $533