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Rank Name Raised
N/A Donald Leonard Donald Leonard 2years $0
8979th Mark Wilson Mark Wilson 3years $237
5912th Charles Winchester Charles Winchester $533
1152nd Kevin Dowkes Kevin Dowkes 4years $1,792
9346th gary citron gary citron 4years $1,597
5560th Jim Smith Jim Smith $559
6th Dirk Cushing Dirk Cushing 7years $27,484
328th Per Joergen Tviberg Per Joergen Tviberg 3years $3,586
N/A Chris Miller Chris Miller $0
384th Kevin Cadotte Kevin Cadotte 3years $3,285
1679th Ian Cieśla Ian Cieśla 2years $1,386
4801st Brian Berry Brian Berry 5years $627
N/A Danny Keenan Danny Keenan $0
6555th Couri Childs Couri Childs 2years $505
1104th Paolo Piro Paolo Piro 3years $1,854
29th Richard Schwenk Richard Schwenk 6years $10,291
3341st John Box John Box 5years $866
215th Thomas Doyle Thomas Doyle 4years $4,264
121st Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith 7years $5,531
3751st Terry Cooper Terry Cooper 7years $784