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Rank Name Raised
116th Gary Spencer Gary Spencer $4,497
117th Jean McInerney Jean McInerney $4,484
118th Karen Martens Karen Martens $4,478
119th Chris Peters Chris Peters $4,472
120th Tom Lorino Tom Lorino $4,458
121st Paul Dougherty Paul Dougherty $4,452
122nd James Simmons James Simmons $4,446
123rd Ted Muench Ted Muench $4,431
124th David Zilkowski David Zilkowski $4,427
125th Guy Mery Guy Mery $4,424
126th gary eisen gary eisen $4,411
127th Karen Allen Karen Allen $4,391
128th Kevin Cooper Kevin Cooper $4,375
129th Howard High Howard High $4,368
130th Lynn Warnock Lynn Warnock $4,366
131st Laina Rajala Laina Rajala $4,351
132nd Darlene Stewart Darlene Stewart $753
132nd William Berned William Berned $4,348
133rd Max Northrop Max Northrop $4,343
134th Ted Miller Ted Miller $4,337