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Rank Name Raised
192nd pam frisk pam frisk $833
193rd Brandon Gilmore Brandon Gilmore $833
193rd Mel Parise Mel Parise $520
194th Mary Ruberti Mary Ruberti $832
195th Gina Salvia Bova Gina Salvia Bova $829
196th John Brunette John Brunette $827
196th Richard C. Grahn Richard C. Grahn $450
197th Doug Farrington Doug Farrington $826
198th Karen Boyle Karen Boyle $826
199th David Miller David Miller $825
200th Al McDonnell Al McDonnell $825
201st Tracy Crosby Tracy Crosby $823
202nd Steve Salina Steve Salina $819
203rd Norman Kzaz Norman Kzaz $816
204th Pauline Parker Pauline Parker $816
205th Jodi Blubaugh Jodi Blubaugh $814
206th Michael Ross Michael Ross $813
207th Dylan Dunaway Dylan Dunaway $808
208th Sean Welsch Sean Welsch $807
209th Nicole Leontsinis Nicole Leontsinis $806