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Rank Name Raised
3337th Marcelo Ortigao Marcelo Ortigao $1,042
4373rd Scott Beaudreault Scott Beaudreault $835
663rd Mike Hassett Mike Hassett 3years $2,831
1419th Diane Dorn Diane Dorn 6years $1,805
321st Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 4years $3,864
18249th Cody Schweinefus Cody Schweinefus $21
5416th Deborah Smiley Deborah Smiley $703
3009th Evan Fusco Evan Fusco 3years $1,105
16610th martin kent martin kent 3years $42
2145th Kristina Paula Kristina Paula 2years $1,378
N/A Amber Perkins Amber Perkins $0
1423rd Carol Wood Carol Wood 4years $1,804
8704th Ingolfur Haraldsson Ingolfur Haraldsson $505
2936th Tomer Solomonov Tomer Solomonov 2years $1,119
973rd Chris Guarraia Chris Guarraia $2,502
6416th Russell Haynes Russell Haynes $616
10196th Eric Barrans Eric Barrans 2years $365
6582nd Steven Smith Steven Smith $605
N/A Patrick Pennington Patrick Pennington 3years $0
5315th Terrice Mcclain Terrice Mcclain $713