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Rank Name Raised
15735th Christian CL Christian CL $60
15938th Buzz Lawson Buzz Lawson 3years $52
11685th Ken Littlewood Ken Littlewood 2years $238
3951st Lori Much Lori Much 3years $914
7342nd Portia White Portia White 6years $558
12631st Jessica Dooley Jessica Dooley 3years $176
13878th Adam Cooler Adam Cooler $120
5497th Sophia Hall Sophia Hall 2years $503
10951st Jayne Fisher Jayne Fisher 5years $293
12341st Theresa Hunter Theresa Hunter $197
11902nd Nitin Rastogi Nitin Rastogi $221
550th Deidré Smith Deidré Smith 2years $3,054
8678th Kareem Cannon Kareem Cannon $505
8135th Idamarie Piccard Idamarie Piccard $518
2141st Holly Hathaway Riley Holly Hathaway Riley $1,379
2304th Jayne Mathews Jayne Mathews $1,311
4499th Diane Baldrige Diane Baldrige 2years $817
6988th Craig Archer Craig Archer 2years $577
N/A Raul Navarro Raul Navarro $0
2442nd Christa Beristain Christa Beristain 2years $1,252