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Rank Name Raised
N/A Justin shattles Justin shattles $0
N/A Karen Richters Karen Richters $0
13652nd Kathleen Kinsey Kathleen Kinsey $125
N/A Keith Chaplain Keith Chaplain $0
174th Keith Young Keith Young 5years $5,190
8782nd Kelly Leavitt Kelly Leavitt 2years $504
3675th Ken DeLong Ken DeLong 5years $1,003
3031st Ken Kihenjo Ken Kihenjo 3years $1,104
N/A Kendall Carpenter Kendall Carpenter $0
46th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger 4years $8,839
N/A Kesean Fisher Kesean Fisher $0
869th Kevin Cadotte Kevin Cadotte 2years $2,575
N/A Kevin Duckworth Kevin Duckworth $0
6218th Kevin Thornton Kevin Thornton 2years $632
N/A Kim Miller Kim Miller 3years $0
989th Kim Ramirez Kim Ramirez 3years $2,500
N/A Kimberly Marie Hart Kimberly Marie Hart 2years $0
N/A Kolbe Weinkopf Kolbe Weinkopf $0
N/A Kristi Miller Kristi Miller $0
2160th Kristina Paula Kristina Paula 2years $1,378