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Rank Name Raised
11008th Otis Newsome Otis Newsome 2years $236
3190th Paco Rubio Paco Rubio 2years $944
15407th Pam Crain Pam Crain 3years $52
7559th Pamela Haber Pamela Haber $504
11902nd Parker Denny Parker Denny 2years $181
N/A Pat Wallum Pat Wallum $0
N/A Patrick Brown Patrick Brown 4years $0
14769th Patti Weisz Patti Weisz $72
110th Patty Hayos Patty Hayos $5,394
N/A Paul Crabtree III Paul Crabtree III 4years $0
3196th Paul Hummel Paul Hummel 2years $943
14281st Paul Shaw Paul Shaw 2years $90
8226th Paula Powell Paula Powell $460
3838th Paulius Sinkora Paulius Sinkora $822
952nd Paxton Hunter Paxton Hunter 2years $2,083
11422nd Peggy Fisher-Elam Peggy Fisher-Elam $37
1708th Peter Mullin Peter Mullin $1,415
12337th Peter Roberts Peter Roberts 3years $161
2752nd Phil Corbin Phil Corbin 2years $1,045
6033rd Phil Lima Jr. Phil Lima Jr. $586