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Rank Name Raised
N/A Robin O'Dougherty Robin O'Dougherty 2years $0
3029th Wes Parker Wes Parker 3years $145
N/A Zoe Gregory Zoe Gregory $0
6787th Lissa Murphy Lissa Murphy 2years $10
N/A Andrew Knickerbocker Andrew Knickerbocker 3years $0
N/A Adam Downs Adam Downs 5years $0
N/A Dean Peterson Dean Peterson $0
3090th Manaen Schlabach Manaen Schlabach 2years $140
4236th Demiah Rojas Demiah Rojas $100
N/A SFC John Astorga SFC John Astorga $0
N/A Travis Brooks Travis Brooks 2years $0
N/A Abby Schultz Abby Schultz 2years $0
3566th Adam Stanley Adam Stanley $120
N/A Adonis Frazier Adonis Frazier $0
N/A Alex Taylor Alex Taylor $0
N/A Alex Youngs Alex Youngs $0
N/A Alexis Salgado Alexis Salgado $0
N/A Alisha Hietala Alisha Hietala $0
2516th Allan Nash Allan Nash 3years $187
N/A Amber Patterson Amber Patterson $0