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Rank Name Raised
N/A Conner Matlosz Conner Matlosz $0
9597th Steve Bell Steve Bell $331
N/A Xavier Parcellier Xavier Parcellier $0
6745th Jon Bailey Jon Bailey 4years $531
2554th Bernard Manale Bernard Manale 4years $1,076
11902nd Steve Ballou Steve Ballou 3years $176
N/A Paula Doubledee Paula Doubledee $0
16161st Diego Patricio Coronel Villacis Diego Patricio Coronel Villacis $36
937th Thomas Doyle Thomas Doyle 3years $2,066
12481st David Griffiths David Griffiths 2years $150
N/A Ellius Carson Ellius Carson 2years $0
7329th John Coduto John Coduto 2years $505
435th Alex Sandoval Alex Sandoval 2years $2,984
7293rd Mark Walling Jr Mark Walling Jr 3years $506
189th Clay Preston Clay Preston 3years $4,196
8228th Derrick Edwards Derrick Edwards $448
8343rd Michael Work Michael Work 2years $440
1088th Judy Ann Smith Judy Ann Smith 3years $1,851
9505th Robert Huiest Robert Huiest $338
5609th Robin Haas Robin Haas 2years $609