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Rank Name Raised
331st Gerry Guilbeault Gerry Guilbeault 5years $900
332nd Adeel Hasham Adeel Hasham 2years $897
333rd Kenny Templeton Kenny Templeton $896
334th Kelly Bair Kelly Bair 3years $895
335th Richard Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez $890
336th Bob Bois Bob Bois 4years $890
337th Jill Robeck Jill Robeck 5years $888
338th Vicky Vandervort Vicky Vandervort 5years $887
339th Dani Ferguson Dani Ferguson $886
340th Eric Wood Eric Wood 4years $885
341st Susan DeLawyer Susan DeLawyer $885
342nd Sandy Lutz Sandy Lutz 5years $884
343rd Nancy Waller Nancy Waller 5years $880
344th Hannah Fennell Hannah Fennell 2years $877
345th Charlie Parish Charlie Parish $877
346th Tim Jandt Tim Jandt 4years $872
347th Sumie Abdishi Sumie Abdishi 6years $869
348th Kurt Neuert Kurt Neuert 2years $867
349th Kristi Jacobsen Kristi Jacobsen $865
350th Terry Handelman Terry Handelman 3years $864