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Rank Name Raised
N/A Candee Ramirez Candee Ramirez $0
N/A Carol Shutters Carol Shutters $0
N/A Carolyn Hanover Carolyn Hanover $0
7556th Charles Roth Charles Roth 2years $546
N/A Cheryl Walker Cheryl Walker $0
N/A Cheryl Walker Cheryl Walker $0
N/A Chihwei Tsao Chihwei Tsao $0
N/A Claude Moorehead Claude Moorehead $0
N/A Clint Moore Clint Moore $0
18736th Cristina Morales Cristina Morales $10
17885th Damian Spooner Damian Spooner $26
N/A Daniel Oviedo Daniel Oviedo $0
N/A Dave Coudenys Dave Coudenys $0
N/A Davey Jones Davey Jones $0
N/A David Dockham David Dockham $0
N/A David Webb David Webb $0
N/A Dean Schmucker Dean Schmucker $0
N/A Derek Miller Derek Miller $0
N/A Dionne Daigle Dionne Daigle $0
N/A Dominic Kelly Dominic Kelly 2years $0