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Rank Name Raised
3175th Leni Selvaggio Leni Selvaggio 5years $104
3175th Leo Zick Leo Zick 5years $104
3175th Leonel Edwards Leonel Edwards 2years $104
3175th Lila Godwin Lila Godwin 5years $104
3175th Linda Kelley Linda Kelley 3years $104
3175th Linda Otto Linda Otto 3years $104
3175th Lionel Laryea Lionel Laryea 2years $104
4748th Lisa Christiansen Lisa Christiansen 4years $104
3175th Lisa Vaccaro Lisa Vaccaro 2years $104
3175th Lisa Wright Lisa Wright 2years $104
3175th Logan Bateman Logan Bateman 2years $104
3175th Loretta Viner Loretta Viner $104
3175th Lori Faber Lori Faber $104
3175th Lori Hoffman Johnson Lori Hoffman Johnson 2years $104
3175th Louella R Stone Louella R Stone 2years $104
3175th Louise Bavier Louise Bavier 3years $104
3175th Lynda Gross Lynda Gross $104
3175th Lynn Lopez Lynn Lopez 6years $104
3175th Mai Infante Mai Infante 2years $104
3175th Maninder Singh Maninder Singh 2years $104