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Rank Name Raised
3382nd Onewheel Jay Onewheel Jay $861
3383rd Rudy Burgos Rudy Burgos 3years $860
3384th Joseph Kopel Joseph Kopel 4years $860
3385th Daniel Labra Daniel Labra 2years $859
7529th Rachel Saul Rachel Saul $859
3386th Ian Serff Ian Serff 2years $859
3387th Ivor Coons Ivor Coons $859
3388th Laura Rexroad Laura Rexroad 2years $859
3389th Michael Johnson Michael Johnson 3years $858
3390th Rick Lee Nichols Rick Lee Nichols 2years $858
3391st John Davis John Davis 5years $857
3391st William Montelongo William Montelongo 2years $857
3393rd Angie Carter Angie Carter $857
3394th Rusty Fowler Rusty Fowler 4years $857
3395th William Scott Tinsley William Scott Tinsley 2years $857
3396th Sean Kenney Sean Kenney 3years $857
3397th Rudy Rodriguez Jr. Rudy Rodriguez Jr. $857
3398th Carolyn Mooney Carolyn Mooney 6years $856
3399th Dennis Springer Dennis Springer 3years $856