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Rank Name Raised
N/A Beth Lindell Beth Lindell $10
N/A Brittanie Colden Brittanie Colden $0
N/A Brittany Herring Brittany Herring $0
N/A Brittany Madden Brittany Madden $0
N/A Caitlin Podojak Caitlin Podojak $0
N/A Camille Stefani Camille Stefani $0
N/A Caren Calsadillo Caren Calsadillo $0
N/A Carla Reis Carla Reis $0
N/A Cassandra Anton Cassandra Anton $0
N/A Cathy Flores Cathy Flores $0
N/A Cathy Norton Cathy Norton $0
N/A Chantal Louvet Chantal Louvet $52
N/A Chazney Spears Chazney Spears $0
N/A Cheyenne Christopherson Cheyenne Christopherson $50
N/A Chitra Franks Chitra Franks $0
N/A Chris Booker Chris Booker $473
N/A Chris Sepulveda Chris Sepulveda $0
N/A Chrissy Barber Chrissy Barber $516
N/A Christina Chemerov Christina Chemerov $0
N/A Christina Pick Christina Pick $0