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Rank Name Raised
N/A Codey Canouse Codey Canouse $0
N/A James Taylor James Taylor $0
N/A Joni Fleck Joni Fleck $0
N/A Chrissy Barber Chrissy Barber $35
N/A Adam Croson Adam Croson $100
N/A Amanda Kelly Amanda Kelly $0
N/A Amanda Reding Amanda Reding $0
N/A Amber Lineberry Amber Lineberry $0
161st Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $161
N/A Andrew Delahaut Andrew Delahaut $0
N/A Annie Bowers Annie Bowers $0
N/A Anthony dimariano Anthony dimariano $0
N/A Anthony Eure Anthony Eure $0
N/A Anthony Whyte Anthony Whyte $0
N/A Antje Wolff-Greenhalgh Antje Wolff-Greenhalgh $0
N/A barbara wong barbara wong $0
N/A Billie Hiatt Billie Hiatt $0
N/A Brad Metheney Brad Metheney $0
N/A Brendan Rettinger Brendan Rettinger $0
N/A Brent Kasl Brent Kasl $0