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Rank Name Raised
320th Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 4years $3,864
321st Jay Tepper Jay Tepper 4years $3,852
323rd Tracy OQuin Tracy OQuin 5years $3,845
324th Christian Weber Christian Weber 2years $3,831
325th Helene Atkins Helene Atkins 7years $3,821
326th Michael Petrone Michael Petrone $3,811
327th Abbie Miller Abbie Miller 3years $3,809
328th Andrew Marley Andrew Marley $3,805
329th Pat Parte Pat Parte 7years $3,800
330th Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson 2years $3,799
331st Pi Ware Pi Ware $3,796
332nd Tony Gianni Tony Gianni 7years $3,793
333rd Alex Owen Alex Owen 2years $3,781
334th Eileen Bruno Eileen Bruno 5years $3,778
335th Dave Coker Dave Coker 4years $3,767
336th Lita Burnett Lita Burnett $831
336th Rodrigo Bravo Rodrigo Bravo 2years $3,767
337th Thomas Hernandez Thomas Hernandez 6years $3,758
338th Jill Baker Jill Baker 3years $3,757