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Rank Name Raised
1643rd Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk $1,571
2758th Richard Colla Richard Colla $1,165
N/A Delroy Wade Delroy Wade $0
13694th Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith $259
N/A Nora Turner Nora Turner $0
N/A Tania Yumbla Tania Yumbla $0
N/A Becky Elliott Becky Elliott $0
10300th Evan Qualls Evan Qualls $505
24807th Wyle Solomon Wyle Solomon $8
22805th abraham aguilar abraham aguilar $31
N/A Jason Remington Jason Remington $0
7547th Tyson Mott Tyson Mott $607
7766th Hock Seh Hock Seh $596
829th Erik M. Roaf Erik M. Roaf $2,465
3183rd Jeff Conaway Jeff Conaway $1,083
17719th Marston Bloom Marston Bloom $104
2117th Robert Buckley Robert Buckley $1,344
7267th Glenn Vogel Glenn Vogel $621
N/A Cory Paquin Cory Paquin $0
17368th Lauren Parson Lauren Parson $114