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Rank Name Raised
956th Gary Alan Touvell Smith Gary Alan Touvell Smith 3years $104
956th Gary Morgan Gary Morgan 5years $104
956th Gaston Flores Gaston Flores 2years $104
956th Gene Geiger Gene Geiger 6years $104
956th Greg Hurlbut Greg Hurlbut $104
956th Gunal Kanna Gunal Kanna $104
956th Guy Mery Guy Mery 5years $104
956th Herb Rentz Herb Rentz 2years $104
956th Jacob Rebholz Jacob Rebholz 2years $104
956th Jake Schramm Jake Schramm 3years $104
956th James Giermanski James Giermanski 2years $104
956th Jeanette Navarro Jeanette Navarro $104
956th Jeanne Minster Townsend Jeanne Minster Townsend 4years $104
956th Jeannemarie Cregan Jeannemarie Cregan 5years $104
956th Jeet Singh Jeet Singh $104
956th Jeff Fortier Jeff Fortier $104
956th Jeff Snipes Jeff Snipes 3years $104
956th Jennifer Torres Jennifer Torres 5years $104
956th Jerry Greiner Jerry Greiner 4years $104
956th Joan Rinaldi Joan Rinaldi 2years $104