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Rank Name Raised
980th Kristina Corp Kristina Corp 4years $52
980th Kurt Mathews Kurt Mathews 2years $52
980th Les Sacani Les Sacani 2years $52
980th Linda Stierli Linda Stierli 2years $52
980th Lora Bryant Lora Bryant $52
980th Lynae Roos Lynae Roos $52
980th Lynda Wilkinson Lynda Wilkinson 4years $52
980th Maredith Spector Maredith Spector 2years $52
980th Mark Hennaman Mark Hennaman $52
980th Mark Roy Mark Roy 2years $52
980th MaryElla Jones MaryElla Jones 5years $52
980th Matt Crosson Matt Crosson 3years $52
980th Mindy Knappenberger Mindy Knappenberger $52
980th Randie Lewis Randie Lewis 4years $52
980th Ray Tarczuk Ray Tarczuk 3years $52
980th Richard Colla Richard Colla 3years $52
980th Robert Himmelright Robert Himmelright 4years $52
980th Rocky Babcock Rocky Babcock 7years $52
980th Roy DeWitt Roy DeWitt $52
980th Russell Robinson Russell Robinson $52