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Rank Name Raised
6744th Chad Hill Chad Hill 4years $595
6745th David Grosnick David Grosnick 2years $595
6746th Megan Dagnall Megan Dagnall 2years $595
6747th Christopher Abel Christopher Abel $595
6748th Charles Gehrdes Charles Gehrdes 4years $595
6748th Deon McClain Deon McClain $595
6750th Allison Goodman Allison Goodman 2years $595
6752nd Megan Huntington Megan Huntington $595
6753rd Armando Cuadra Armando Cuadra 2years $594
6754th Jonna Boyle Jonna Boyle $594
6755th Adam Dilworth Adam Dilworth 4years $594
6756th Jane Wertenberger Jane Wertenberger 2years $594
6757th Deborah Whitley Deborah Whitley $594
6758th Leigh Harbin Leigh Harbin $594
6759th Matthew Hubbard Matthew Hubbard $594
6760th Rodney Cox Rodney Cox 2years $594
6761st Irene Cortes Irene Cortes $594
6762nd Lou Arenz Lou Arenz $594
6763rd Ricardo Perez Ricardo Perez 4years $594