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Rank Name Raised
N/A James P Anderson James P Anderson $0
N/A James Pannell James Pannell $0
N/A James Parker James Parker $0
N/A James Regateiro James Regateiro $0
N/A James Sanchez James Sanchez $0
13091st James Sanders James Sanders $36
N/A James Savage James Savage $0
10780th James Shaw James Shaw $114
4739th James Spinks James Spinks 2years $637
N/A James Stevens James Stevens 2years $0
1686th James Thomas James Thomas $1,390
N/A James Vanderloos James Vanderloos 3years $0
N/A James Vincent Corriere James Vincent Corriere $0
N/A James Wade James Wade $0
N/A Jami Coleman Jami Coleman $0
N/A Jamie Bailey Jamie Bailey $0
N/A Jamie Dodge Jamie Dodge $0
N/A Jamie Dundon Jamie Dundon $0
N/A Jamie MacKenzie Jamie MacKenzie $0
607th Jamie Woods Jamie Woods 3years $2,672