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Rank Name Raised
N/A .Rick Bedsole .Rick Bedsole $0
N/A 3718 St 3718 St $0
N/A 4254 Greenleaf Ct 205 4254 Greenleaf Ct 205 $0
N/A A B A B $0
N/A A F A F $0
N/A A G A G $0
N/A A.j. Gonzalez A.j. Gonzalez $0
N/A Aadarsh Singh Aadarsh Singh $0
N/A Aadil Ahesan Aadil Ahesan $0
4495th Aahana Gupta Aahana Gupta $10
N/A Aakash Jacob Aakash Jacob $0
N/A Aakash Mehta Aakash Mehta $0
N/A Aaliyah Garcia Aaliyah Garcia $0
N/A Aamash Haroon Aamash Haroon $0
N/A Aamir Ahmad Aamir Ahmad $0
N/A Aaqib Adnan Aaqib Adnan $0
N/A Aarav Jain Aarav Jain $0
N/A Aarav Ram Aarav Ram $0
N/A Aarica Barrett Aarica Barrett $0
N/A Aarica Lynn Aarica Lynn $0