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Rank Name Raised
2878th Joseph Clements Joseph Clements $52
2878th Joseph Ibarra-Leach Joseph Ibarra-Leach $52
2878th Josh Hardin Josh Hardin $52
2878th Judy Kostreba Judy Kostreba $52
2878th Julia  Womersley Julia Womersley $52
2878th Julia Nanigian Julia Nanigian $52
2878th Julie Ste.Marie Julie Ste.Marie $52
2878th Julio Ortiz Julio Ortiz $52
2878th Kaitlynn Messmore Kaitlynn Messmore $52
2878th Karen Wilcox Karen Wilcox $52
2878th Kari Phillips Kari Phillips $52
2878th kathleen Washington kathleen Washington $52
2878th Katie Moring Katie Moring $52
2878th Kell Galbraith Kell Galbraith $52
2878th Kelley Brammer Kelley Brammer $52
2878th Kelli Durant Kelli Durant $52
2878th Ken Probst Ken Probst $52
2878th Kendal White Kendal White $52
2878th Kevin DeShields Kevin DeShields $52
2878th Laina Mills Laina Mills $52