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Rank Name Raised
8462nd Joseph Collins Joseph Collins $701
2501st Christopher Jarvis Christopher Jarvis $1,135
1690th Thomas Kardohely Thomas Kardohely $1,414
1318th Quentin Ward Quentin Ward $1,634
2609th Eric Bergin Eric Bergin $1,110
1714th Fernando Sattaur Fernando Sattaur $1,400
2143rd Ashley Dueringer Ashley Dueringer $1,233
1134th Starla Maurer Starla Maurer $1,778
16748th Ray Anderson Ray Anderson $120
N/A Chris Uffer Chris Uffer $0
21159th Tamara Kalkstein Tamara Kalkstein $36
24253rd Luis Hernandez Luis Hernandez $10
816th Dan Rhoden Dan Rhoden $2,184
11368th Timothy Edison Timothy Edison $363
357th Phil Darrow Phil Darrow $3,047
N/A Philip JAUNY Philip JAUNY $0
N/A Gedeon Pagarigan Gedeon Pagarigan $0
542nd Pete Gatlin Pete Gatlin $2,651
2585th Michael Meyer Michael Meyer $1,114
3105th Quang Vo Quang Vo $1,026