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Rank Name Raised
N/A Gary Jenkins Gary Jenkins $0
13100th Nicholas Davino Nicholas Davino $153
19048th Todd Mullen Todd Mullen $5
8675th Fred Amos Fred Amos $505
10569th Peter Ziolkowski Peter Ziolkowski $327
N/A Steve Carter Steve Carter 3years $0
855th Denise Forcione Lozito Denise Forcione Lozito 3years $2,574
2694th Ray Vadnais Ray Vadnais $1,178
5290th Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp 4years $715
13350th Stephen Bartels Stephen Bartels 3years $140
3570th David Packiaseelan David Packiaseelan 3years $1,008
N/A Jon Ore Jon Ore 2years $0
7904th William Wheeler William Wheeler 4years $528
7000th Adam Downs Adam Downs 5years $576
6417th Marcos DeLima Marcos DeLima $616
557th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 5years $3,034
6020th Edwin Groby Edwin Groby 2years $649
6109th Vicki Taylor Vicki Taylor $639
N/A Randy Yarnell SaldaƱa Randy Yarnell Saldaña $0
12206th David Friedberg David Friedberg 2years $203