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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alexis Zambrano Alexis Zambrano $0
N/A Alfonso Rodriguez Alfonso Rodriguez 2years $0
N/A Alfonso Serdio Alfonso Serdio 3years $0
N/A Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad 3years $0
274th Alicia Jasso Alicia Jasso 4years $104
N/A Alicia Kirkby Alicia Kirkby 2years $0
N/A Alicia Schetgen Alicia Schetgen $0
517th Aline Ballestero Aline Ballestero $16
N/A Alisha Ward Alisha Ward $0
N/A Alison Carley Alison Carley 5years $0
118th Allan Nash Allan Nash 4years $354
97th Allen Bunn Allen Bunn 4years $439
114th Allen Nguyen Allen Nguyen 2years $369
368th Allison Ellerbrock Allison Ellerbrock 4years $60
N/A Allison Goodman Allison Goodman 3years $0
N/A Alvin Kutil Alvin Kutil $0
N/A Aly Nunez Aly Nunez 3years $0
230th Amanda Graham Amanda Graham 3years $130
N/A Amanda Hoprich Amanda Hoprich 3years $0
N/A Amanda Lee-Gonzalez Amanda Lee-Gonzalez $0